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Stylist Goals

Use this link to check in on service goals, retain goals, level ups, and bonus sheet.

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Time Off Request 

Please use this link below to put in time off request. 

If it is marked green it is approved.

Zoom Link

Please use this link to join our leadercalls, PDM's, or any other zoom calls that are scheduled 

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Code of Honor

Remember this code of honor is created by all employees. We all have agreed to hold each other accountable. For a little refresh on our Code of Honor that was created at VAULT Vibrations this year click the link belwo!

Salon Guidelines

Here is the quick access to all the guidelines for VAULT Salon. Question on dress code? Check here! Questions on holidays? Check here!

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Employee Handbook

Here you will find everything from the Salon Guidelines but it a much more professional talk. This is our legit handbook, that has "lawyer" talk and isn't as pretty.

Stylist Info Sheet

When booking appointments for others lets double check if they offer the service and how long it may take them. 

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Need Something To Do?

Here is a list to double check when opening the salon, leaving the salon or even if we are just bored.

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