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What's New At VAULT Salon???

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Here at VAULT Salon, we value all of our guests, and we want to give back to our guests as much as possible. We are thrilled to now be offering our Loyalty Program!

What does this mean??

You will now receive points for your services, retail purchases, leaving 5 star reviews, and referring your friends.

Here's a break down of the point system:

1pt / $ for services

2pts / $ for retail

100pts / pre-booking your appointment

1000pts / for a 5 star review on yelp or google

2000pts / for a 5 star review on both

2000pts / for every referral

500pts = $5 off retail

2000pts = $20 off

You have a chance to earn VIP status in our salon!

What does VIP status mean?

It means because of your loyalty, you get special VIP status that earns you special treats. Once you receive VIP status, you will receive a fun swag bag, bonus gifts quarterly, as well as your very own special VIP cape to adorn you while getting your hair done. I mean who doesn't want to have a special VIP cape??

How do you get to be a VIP?

Good question! It's simple. You will automatically earn VIP status when you spend $150+ on retail per quarter or visit the salon 10+ times per year.

Parts and Labor

VAULT Salon has decided we will join the bandwagon and charge for our parts and labor.

What does that mean?

Starting on October 4th, we are taking an innovative approach that allows us to separate our color costs from our pricing. Everything will be broken down into parts and labor. Parts refer to the product that we use on your hair. We will now be using this 'fancy little scale' called SalonScale, so you're never paying for more than what is used, and it's really fair because the pricing is customized to what you are receiving for your personalized appointment. Labor refers to our hourly rate, our hourly rate starts at $60+ an hour. Our hourly rate is always broken down into the closest 15 minute increment.

Hourly Rates

Level 1: Brandon, Kristin & Mary $60

Level 2: Abby, Josie & Rileigh $72

Level 3: Devon $88

Level 4: Tabitha $104

Level 5: Rosie $124

Want to start to earning rewards??

Here is a fast way you can start earning your rewards, use these links to leave us a 5 star review to earn 1000 or 2000 points!


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