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The Best of Luck to You!!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Three months into 2022 already, time is really flying by! We thought it was time that we gave an update on what is happening at the VAULT Salon.

March Promotions

Those who have been at the VAULT for a while know that we love to do promotions! YAY Promotions!! March is our very own Luck of the Draw. Here's how it goes, you get to draw a card, number cards 2-10 you get 10% off your retail purchase, J-K you get 15% off, Ace you get 20% off, and we even have a few wild cards in the deck for a special discount off your retail purchase. So may you find the 20% off retail at the end of the rainbow!

Meet Our New Talent At VAULT!

We are excited to announce that Leslie Medina has completed our associates training and is now a Level 1 stylist at our new Pleasant Grove location. We are so excited for you to see the magic she can do on hair. Oh did we mention she is an incredible make up artist?! Make sure you book with her for your next date night!

We are also very excited to welcome Jared Joyner to our team. Jared has been in the industry and doing hair for 13 years. Jared is well rounded in all services but specializes in foils/balayage, as well as short womens cuts/pixie cuts and mens color and cuts. He will be seeing all clients at our new Pleasant Grove location as well. We can't wait to see you in his chair soon!

To book with Leslie or Jared, you can call the salon at 916-580-1010 or use the link to book.

We also want to introduce our newest associate Jhada. We are so excited for her to start her beauty career here learning under our master stylists. She will be our helping hands in the salon. Stay tuned for Beauty on a Budget coming back soon with Jhada!

VAULT Salon Loyalty Program

We love all our guest here at VAULT Salon, so we want to give back to you all. We have started our loyalty program, where every dollar you spend turns into points. These points can be used for numerous of things within the salon, check out our list below.

1pt / $ for services

2pts / $ for retail

1000pts / for a 5 star review on yelp or google

2000pts / for a 5 star review on both

2000pts / for every referral

500pts = $5 off retail

2000pts = $20 off

Yes, you did read that right. If you leave a 5 star review on both yelp and google you get 2000 pts, that is $20 off! What an easy way to save money and support our salon!

Want to start to earning rewards??

Here is a fast way you can start earning your rewards, use these links to leave us a 5 star review to earn 1000 or 2000 points!

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