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Why The VAULT?

Updated: May 28, 2021

Have you ever wondered why our salon was named The VAULT? It's a question most people don't seem to ask or think about asking. There is a reason behind our name and it relates directly to what we hope our customers will experience when they visit our salon.

Many of you reading this might think this picture of a Vault door would be located in a bank, but this Vault door resides in the VAULT Salon. Although it doesn't actually open, it sure looks like it would.

The Name

The VAULT Salon was created by this boss babe. Rosie had a vision of creating a salon that would help change the beauty industry, and she is succeeding. When asking her "why Vault", she goes to explain that "A Vault represents being safe and secure. Most people are nervous when they come to a new salon, or a new stylist. The goal here at The VAULT Salon is to make people feel safe when they come in. Giving every guest peace of mind that their stylist will be open to listening, recommending, and creating the very best result that you desire. A feeling of security, that you will be heard, and be well taken care of while in our salon."

Whoa, doesn't that just give you chills?


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